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    Thruster I Turning Mechanism + Risers + Screws + Allen Key

    Thruster I Turning Mechanism + Risers + Screws + Allen Key


    Designed specifically for surfers in mind. Thruster I is the original spring loaded turning mechanism. Designed to fit directly onto the skateboards front trucks. Allows the front trucks to turn freely way beyond a normal front truck skateboard set up. This allows the board to become self propelling, no pushing is required. When fitted to your board, it becomes one of the best surf training tools available. Constructed of strong aluminium, steel springs washers and bearings. The Thruster I is adjustable for extra control on slopes to loose feel for the flats. It also fits all SmoothStar models and most other skateboard brands offering similar results depending on the length of your board and height. Please note: the SmoothStar Thruster I is not recommended for decks under 25″

    Tech Specs

    Material Type Cast Polished Aluminium
    Dimensions 20cm
    Supports Weights maximum 110kg
    Recommended Weight 30kg – 95kg, beginner to advanced surfer
    Includes Thruster + Risers + Screws + Allen Key

    Element title

    Product can no longer be purchased

    A decision has been made not to sell our Thruster turning mechanism individually. Although we have sold many over the years we have experienced a number of custom setups that didn't meet our high quality standards. We have 100% positive feedback for our complete SmoothStar setups, helping us to achieve the status of “world's best surf simulator on land”.

    Every Surf Skate in our range has been rigorously tested for you by: our best teamriders, professional surf coaches and SmoothStar management. We are confident that every product in our range meets the highest standard of simulating surfing.

    We have outlined technical surf skate reasons here.

    If you have further questions, feel free to contact us.

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    Simon shows how you can put the Thruster on any skateboard truck

    How to look after your SmoothStar Skateboard, surfing skateboard

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