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    Choosing your SmoothStar

    SmoothStar can be used by beginners, intermediate and advanced. SmoothStar has spent many years perfecting the right board and model to suit various surfers and their styles. We have not only engineered and perfected the Thruster to emulate surfing, but designed, tested all the other elements that makes up the best surf feel. These include: wheelbase, wheels, deck length and most importantly deck shape and concave.

    Smoothstar board recommendations


    * drive = speed through turns

    Wheel Base & Deck Length

    Wheel base is really one of the key aspects of choosing the right SmoothStar for your riding ability. Typically the shorter the wheelbase, the tighter the turning and more critical turns. However, you don’t want it too short that you shorten the width of your legs too much that you lose balance. Typically, we recommend thinking about your surfing stance which is approximately a little bit wider than the width of your shoulders. Measure the width of your stance against the Wheels Base of the SmoothStar models.

    Wheel Base & Deck Length

    Deck Concave is very important to emulate the surf feel, connecting your feet to the board. All SmoothStar deck designs have been tested thoroughly for the appropriate rider. For example, the more critical boards such as the 32”, 33” and 36” boards have a steeper concave as riders using these boards carver harder and sharper than those of the 30” and 39” models. Without the concave, you simply don’t get the surf feel. SmoothStar boards have very low tail kicker and this is really to emulate your tail pad on your surfboard.

    Wheel Base & Deck Length

    Wheel Width Having a wider wheel: better the grip between turns, it increases stability, can handle rough surfaces with small stones. Having a thinner wheel: faster you will go between turns – faster release, you will be able to slide as there is less surface area gripping the ground.

    Wheel Hardness Soft Wheel: better absorption of bumps, better grip on turns, less foot vibration.
    Hard Wheel: faster, slide the tail more

    SmoothStar has generally soft to intermediate hardness wheels. However, SmoothStar has thin and thick wheels. However, the most suitable wheel for most riders is SmoothStar Stingrays, they were developed for the intermediate surf skater, which provides all rounder performance. To buy SmoothStar Stingrays, click here