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    Warranty & Repairs


    Many of our customers live near the ocean where salty air and dirt can get into the mechanics. From time to time this can inhbit the turning mechanism causing a restriction in its turning capabilities. If not maintained with recommeded lubriants, the product can potentially cause problems. No warranty claims will be accepted if the product has been mistreated.

    To make a warranty claim, simply contact the SmoothStar office with any abnomilies and support staff provide you with a response. We may ask for video or photos to be emailed. Australian customers are provided with a 12 month warranty but proof of purchase must be provided.

    Maintenance for wheels: it is recommended to rotate front wheels to back when signs of wear are evident. This will increase the wheel life.
    Bearings: replace when there are signs of friction within the bearings. This is mainly due to dirt and sand.

    SmoothStar Maintenance

    The complete quiver of smoothstar boards is supplied with the thruster turning mechanism. The special ingredient to why these boards turn so well.

    It is posible to carry out self maintenance however it is recommended that the thruster be sent back to SmoothStar office for a recondition. Customers can purchase a recondition via our website, please refer to details of reconditioning.

    For a nominal cost and a 12 month warranty on servicing, its well worth it and you will be back on board in no time. If you choose to carry out the repair yourselves, we have provided a comprensive detailed video for you. Unfortunately, no additional support can be provided for free.