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    Technical reasons why we don’t sell SmoothStar Thruster Separately

    Our SmoothStar Thruster has been sold in over 40 countries across the world. It has made many customers very happy and for this we are stoked. However, as our boards and technology has improved, we have seen some customers put our Thruster on skateboards that contrast with our specifications of complete boards. We also getting various technical questions why customers couldn’t emulate our same surfing feel of our complete setups.

    So with regret we have had to stop selling individual Thrusters world wide.

    Top 5 reason why we stopped selling separately:

    1. Our decks are wider so riders heals and toes don’t go over the deck.
    2. When you attach the Thruster to a normal deck, the wheel base (distance between back axel and front axel) is reduced. The wheel base is a major factor in matching a riders surf stance. SmoothStar decks are always longer than other skateboards that try to replicate surfing.
    3. Surf Skate decks should have concave as this helps the board grip when performing critical surf manoeuvres like cut backs or roundhouses.
    4. Our kick tails are low and very small to replicate the slight rise in a surfboard tail pad grip.
    5. Our wheels are the correct width to hold turns depending on a riders strength and weight. Bigger riders need wider wheels for more grip, Smaller riders need less width.


    Our complete SmoothStar range has been rigorously tested to the highest standards. We have had ZERO complaints from over 10 years of manufacturing and distributing SmoothStar. Feel free to contact management regarding this new policy.