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    SmoothStar Thruster Reconditioning

    SmoothStar Thruster Reconditioning


    The SmoothStar Thrusters are robust and should last a minimum of 4 years if maintained correctly. SmoothStar created some very useful videos on how to maintain and look after your SmoothStar. Many SmoothStar riders all over the world live near the ocean, surf skating around salty and rusty streets. If by chance riders have not maintained their SmoothStar and it is no longer proving the surf feeling, you may need a “SmoothStar Thruster Service.
    The SmoothStar Service covers the following:
    – Replacement of all necessary washers and bearings
    – Complete acid clean of base plates. Dirt and sand is removed
    – Replacement of broken turning arms
    – Replacement of bolts
    What is NOT INCLUDED:
    – Replacement of aluminium baseplate or top plate.
    – Spring replacement
    – 60mm adjustment screw
    You will need to send in your Thruster to our office in Sydney.
    SmoothStar International Pty. Ltd.
    PO Box 6692
    Frenchs Forest
    NSW, 2086
    Or if you live close to our office, you can drop it in yourselves:
    3a/ 1 Rowe Street
    NSW, 2096

    We will test your Thruser before sending it back to you. The Thruster Service comes with a 12 month guarantee. It will function very close if not better than a new SmoothStar Thruster. Typically reconditioned Thrusters are a little more looser because the spring has been stretched – however this is how many riders prefer it.
    If any of your baseplates has cracked, you will need to purchase a new SmoothStar Thruster.

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