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    Announcing Australian SmoothStar Training Centres

    SmoothStar is about to roll out a list of surf coaches that train surfers with SmoothStar. These coaches can assist surfers of all ages and surf levels. All the listed surf coaches are qualified surfing instructors with either ASI or Surfing Australia. These selection of surf coaches have performed at the elite level as a career and now are full dedicated on improving the surfing levels on the next up and coming Australian World Champions.


    All of the coaches listed are approved and endorsed by SmoothStar International Pty. Ltd. and have a full understanding of how the product works in conjunction to surf training. They already have a quiver of SmoothStar boards in which to train students, some of these include:

    1. Beginners – Surfing balance, posture & basic movements.
    2. Basic Surfing – Eyes, shoulders, arms and knees.
    3. Fitness – Strength and conditioning, work out routines.
    4. Technique Correction – video analysis on surf technique correction.
    5. Surfing Flow – Compression & extension, linking manoeuvres.

    A list of coaches with names, addresses and contact details will be listed on the SmoothStar website soon.


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