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    Johanne Defay – 2015 World #3 Joins SmoothStar

    Professional Female surfer Johanne Defay has joined the SmoothStar team. Finishing 2015 in position #8, she joins SmoothStar’s fellow top 10 surfer Filipe Toledo.

    Johanne first became a fan of SmoothStar in February 2015 after receiving a 33″ Holy Toledo from France’s best Surf Coach Yann Martin. As SmoothStar is the closest to surfing outside the water, Johanne rode it exactly like she was surfing and loved it.



    About Johanne Defay?

    Johanne Defey is a professional surfer based in Reunion Island in the Indian Ocean but rides under the French Flag. Johanne is one of the most powerful surfers on the planet and is known to have the best big wave backhand manoeuvres on the Women’s WSL.

    Johanne is 22 years old and has been on the professional Women’s Tour since 2014. She has a big heart and gorgeous smile outside the water but lethal and savage turns in the water.

    Career Highlights

    • 2015 Champion of US Open of Surfing
    • 2014 Rookie of the Year
    • Finished in the top 10 in 2014 & 2015


    The Johanne SmoothStar Pro Model - 32.5

    SmoothStar has created a new model for Johanne where she has a direct impact into the design and specifications of her model. The new model is 32.5″ and it fits in between the 32″ Flying Fish grom board and the 33″ Holy Toledo. The model has a deeper concave for better rail to rail turns, just like Johanne’s surfing. The tail is extra wide so this helps adults not just groms do radical snaps and not have the toes drop off the back of the tail. Johanne’s board is suitable for groms over 155cm and adults under 181cm.

    The Design - Travelling Palm

    Featured on the centre of the board is a Travelling Palm called a “Ravenala”  which is representative of her surfing sole. Similar to her life and career, ocean waves take the seed of the travelling palm to other parts of the world. They wash ashore, grow their roots and explore the ocean and the land.