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    Choose your surf training level

    SmoothStar is the perfect surf skateboard for learning how to surf, it helps improve key elements of surfing technique. Once you master basics on SmoothStar, you will find your surfing much easier once you enter the water, better balance,

    Beginner Surfer


    Many advanced surfers believe that the only way they can improve their surfing is by surfing more and in more challenging waves. Although this is true, there is no doubt that SmoothStar can provide many benefits to advanced surfers.

    Advanced Surfers

    Intermediate Surfers We class an intermediate surfer as someone that can drop into a decent size wave,take the drop” and ride a green wave with relative ease. For this type of surfer, SmoothStar can help progress and intermediate surfer

    Intermediate Surfers


    SmoothStar assists surf schools, by providing them the best surf simulation outside of the water. Incorporating SmoothStar as a learning tool, surf schools are able to provide a valuable service for their customers. -

    Surf Schools & Coaches