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    SmoothStar for Surf Coaches & Surf Schools

    Why do Surf Schools need SmoothStar?

     SmoothStar assists surf schools, by providing them the best surf simulation outside of the water. Incorporating SmoothStar as a learning tool, surf schools are able to provide a valuable service for their customers.

    Students are able to achieve more in a faster time period while having hours of entertainment at the same time. Even on flat surf days, surf schools can teach their students on land and focus on specific surfing technique.

    Be a leading edge surf schools and get better results!

    Top 7 reasons to have SmoothStar for your Surf School


    1. Best surf simulator outside the water and accelerate the learning procress
    2. Excellent for Beginner (first timers) and intermediate
    3. Improve surfing balance during forward momentum
    4. Increase the students ability to surf green waves
    5. Perfect for learning “pop up stance”. Student can learn on land before students enter the water
    6. Improve student muscle conditioning
    7. More fun

    So what’s in it for your surf school?


    Fast surf learning, more time students standing up on surfboards Have a new surfing technique that is used by Australian surf schools Instructors can communicate surf basics better on land than in water Provide faster, more complete and entertaining method of teaching Attract more students by offering new alternative training programs

     NOTE: Beach “Pop-up stance” on sand does not have movement, they are stationary. The Pop-up stance on Smoothstar includes a propelling action, which can be practiced over and over again on land.

    Improve Muscle Conditioning


    Many beginner surfers lack the surfing muscles required for maintaining correct surfing stance for beginners, these include:

    1. Feet shoulder width apart
    2. Knees Bent
    3. Back Straight
    4. Arms out to balance
    5. Head looking forward
    6. Weight of Front and Back foot distributed evenly.

    By using SmoothStar for longer periods, surf school students can develop these muscles. By the time they get into the water and start catching waves, students will have strengthened their core surfing muscles. The fitter and stronger a student, the more “surf fit” they will become.


    Can you surf when the waves are flat?


    Absolutely, this is one of the perfect times schools can jump on SmoothStar and still keep giving a surf lesson. With some surf schools unable to operate when there are no waves, SmoothStar provides a useful tool to teach students and maintain regular surfing lessons.

    Students can practise basic surf technique on land over and over again without hassling for waves.
    Students can focus on specific points in their technique in order to improve their surfing level.

    Using SmoothStar for practising important surfing stance, saves time teaching students in the water!

    Need more information on SmoothStar for your surf school? Contact SmoothStar

    Surf School and Students have FUN using SmoothStar

    Surf schools can go riding together, go around the local area, explore, have fun while they are actually improving their surfing. Due to the self propelling action, students can pump the board without taking their foot off the board. Many kilometers can be made without pushing off with their foot. SmoothStar does recommend safety equipment when performing surf skate trips, especially if any steep hills are included in the journey.

    Surf schools using SmoothStar can provide higher satisfaction to their customers. This gives students a faster way to learn how to surf whilst they have more fun. SmoothStar will keep your students motivated and coming back for more surf lessons.