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    39″ Dolpin Cruiser Longboard

    39″ Dolpin Cruiser Longboard


    Welcome back to the traditional form of skateboarding, the 39″ is the Best Surfing Longboard Malibu. Cruising on your longboard up and down the beach front and making long drawn out carving turns. This is where the new 39″ longboard cruiser comes excels. It has a nice wide slightly concave deck tapering down to a medium rear kicker. The board comes complete with the new Thruster I turning mechanism, a fully polished metal alloy with a tighter spring, giving you improved control when carving hard or gliding across steep slopes and hills. The 50mm wide rubber wheels provides the board with extra stability and superior grip.

    Tech Specs

    Turning Mechanism SmoothStar Thruster I (as standard)
    Deck Length 39″ Point Break Abstract finish deck
    Deck Thickness 5 x ply Stradified American Bearch + 2 x ply Candian Maple
    Deck Width 24cm
    Wheel Base 67cm measured from the outside of truck
    Wheels New Yellow SmoothStar Stingrays
    Wheel Bearings ABEC 7
    Trucks Polished Aluminium

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    2009 World Longboard Champion Harley Ingleby from Australia talks about the his surfing and the Dolphin Cruiser

    Surf artist Jason Sanger talks about his inspiration behind the Dolphin Cruiser design

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